Submitting A Rebate

Submitting A Rebate - Warners' Stellian

Tips for submitting a Warners’ Stellian Nationwide Rebate

*Be sure to submit your rebate online or by mail by the postmark date. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Before you submit your rebate please ensure that you have the following:

  • Item model number(s)
  • Serial number(s). A valid serial number is required to complete your rebate.
  • Purchase price of qualifying products and your invoice/sales receipt.

Failure to provide a valid serial number will result in a noncompliant claim and the rebate will not be issued. If you are not taking delivery of your product(s) until after the program postmark date, please submit your claim by the postmark date without serial number(s).To submit serial numbers after rebate submission, go online to or call (888) 324-4030 no later than 30 or 90 days (as noted on the rebate) after postmark date.

After your rebate is submitted

  • Rebate processing updates and payment information will be sent to your email address that you provide.
  • To check the status of your rebate, visit online submissions, allow 6 to 8 weeks once all rebate information including serial numbers has been submitted to receive the payment notification email with instructions for redeeming a physical or virtual card, for mail-in submissions allow up to an additional 4 weeks to receive your payment notification email.
  • Your payment information will be delivered to you via email from

When submitting your rebate online or if you provide an email address on a mail-in rebate, you will receive an email
from with your claim number that tells you the date you need to submit any missing serial numbers by, along with a link to update your claim. Missing, incomplete or incorrect information will delay processing and will void rebate offer.

For mail-in rebates, be sure to retain a copy of all documents for your records. An email address is required for checking your claim status online and to receive claim status notifications. If you do not have an email address leave the field blank and you will be mailed a physical card pending claim approval. If you don’t provide an email address it is recommended that you call (888) 324-4030 1-2 weeks after your rebate is submitted to make sure it is approved.

Submit your rebate online at

Below is an example of how to submit your rebate online