news: appliances bring hope to those in need

news: appliances bring hope to those in need - Warners Stellian

appliances bring hope to those in need

By Ellery McCardle, ABC 6 NEWS – Austin/Rochester

The next time you buy an appliance, you may be helping a family in our area put food on the table or wash their clothes.

It’s all part of “Appliances Bring Hope,” a program that gives away old appliances, to families who need them, for free.

Avis Sperling is on the hunt.

“A refrigerator and possibly a stove,” she says.

And those are the kind of products Warners’ Stellian will give a tax deduction on.

“A refrigerator 200 dollars, ranges and laundry, 100 dollars,” says Janelle Forliti, Store Manager.

It’s all part of this weekend’s “Appliances Bring Hope” campaign.

Forliti says, “We’ll haul away the old appliance and our service department checks it over and if it’s less than 15 years old…” and in good working condition, it’ll go to “Hope for The City” a relief organization that distributes things like appliances for free to families who need them the most.

Organizers hope to collect 250 appliances this weekend, and they say this will go a long way, as the demand for things like refrigerators and stoves keeps growing.

“Families right now are struggling to just make some basic needs and meet their needs and in this economic environment, some families, if their refrigerator broke, may not have the appliance to buy that new one,” says Clare Brrumback, Executive Director of Hope for The City.

And one of the organizations who will benefit from it is the United Way of Olmsted County.

“Providing the families the ability to cook their own meals and have clean clothes really lends themselves to improving areas in incumbent health.  This appliance program would certainly address the population we’re trying to serve, which is truly the vulnerable population of Olmsted County,” says Becky Nahvi of the United Way of Olmsted County.

Avis may have walked out empty handed, but says this program may be enough incentive to re-think her budget and give a family hope.

“I’ll just add and subtract some things and see what we can come up with,” she says.

This past year alone, over 500 appliances have been donated from Warner’s Stellian to Hope for The City.

The tax deduction for this campaign ends on June 1st.