Whats in a name?

Whats in a name? Warner Stellian...Werner Stallion...Warner Stellion - Warners Stellian Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Warner Stellian…Werner Stallion…Warner Stellion!!

What’s In a Name?

After more than 65 years of doing business as “Warners’ Stellian,” inquiring minds still want to know the meaning behind our name. Over the years, we’ve received all kinds of questions like “Where did it come from?’ or “What does it mean?” and “What’s a Stellian?” Many customers want to know, “Why is there an apostrophe after Warners?”

The truth behind it all is this: Originally, a couple by the name of Steve and Lillian Farkas owned an appliance store called Stellian’s Appliance located on Snelling Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota. They had created the name ‘Stellian’ through a combination of their first names, Steve and Lillian.

In 1954, Jim Warner took a sales job at Stellian’s. In 1971, after many years as a valued employee, Jim bought the business and added his name to theirs also making it plural to include his wife and children. The store name then became Warners’ Stellian.

Along with mispronunciation and inquiries about our name, we’ve also seen many different spellings of it. These include: WarnerStellian, WarnerStellion, WarnerStallian, WarnersStellion, WarnersStallion, WarnersStelian, WarnerStelian, WarnersStellien, WarnerStellien, WarnerStellien…not to mention WarnersStellien, WernersStallion, WernerStallion, WernersStellian, WernerStellian…and can you believe WernerStalian, WernersStalian, WernerStallion, WernersStallion, WarrenStellian, WarnarStellan, WernerStelian…the list goes on and on.

Now that you know where our name came from, we hope you will simply remember Warners’ Stellian when you, a friend or family member needs a new appliance.