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Liebherr Walks the Talk in Green Design - Warners Stellian Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Liebherr Walks the Talk in Green Design

BURLINGTON, Ontario — Sustainable design and green initiatives are certainly top of mind in the kitchen design and home building industries. Designers, architects and the consumer are more aware of the impact that “green” decisions can make to a project. In the appliance industry, the international ENERGY STAR program has created energy-efficient standards for manufacturers to meet and exceed. Liebherr is a leader in the manufacturing of ENERGY STAR appliances, but look behind the scenes and you’ll see how they walk the talk in all aspects of green design.

“From the beginning, the goal in entering the North American Market was to launch only ENERGY STAR qualified models. Liebherr has lived up to that commitment and all of its North American product line is ENERGY STAR qualified,” says Marc Perez, vice president of Liebherr, North America. “This was a risk in terms of engineering and design as well as an investment in production of new models for the North American Market. We know, however, that the benefits far outweigh that risk,” adds Perez.

It’s not just the end result of an efficient consumer refrigeration product in the home, but also the commitment to the environment that has been integrated into all aspects of the company’s operations. Here is a list of key environmentally conscious production initiatives:

  • Liebherr was the first appliance manufacturer worldwide to remove CFCs completely from the production process in 1993.
  • Since 2000, Liebherr’s considerable investment to ensure environmental compatibility has resulted in the reduced use of chemicals (by 30%), solvents (by 5%) and energy consumption (by 5%)
  • Liebherr has established central waste and resource collection stations at its manufacturing facilities
  • The packaging materials on all products are 100% recyclable
  • The water used in the production process is purified and pollution free
  • The energy released during production is recovered and utilized again in heating the manufacturing environments.

Kitchen professionals and architects are often intrigued by Liebherr’s product innovation and contemporary design, but now they can recommend Liebherr products as the green choice. And, high-quality materials, perfectly detailed finishes, precise electronic control systems, elite cooling components, variable speed compressors and the latest production processes ensure energy efficiency and performance for years to come.

“Liebherr is proud to offer a wide selection of environmentally friendly models that will help create green kitchens. Consumers and kitchen professionals alike need to know that each step towards energy efficiency is a step in the right direction for our planet,” says Perez.