College City Remodeling

College City Remodeling - Warners Stellian Minneapolis, St. Paul MN
College City Design/Build, Inc.
7910 Lakeville Blvd.
Lakeville, MN 55044
Ph: (952) 469-6900

College City Remodeling

College City Design/Build, Inc. is a family-owned, award-winning Remodeler and Custom New Home Builder. In business since 1969, our certified staff and talented design team provide highly professional Remodeling and Custom New Home Building Solutions for your renovations and custom homes.

As one of the very few perennial MN-based top 500 remodelers in the nation (2005 and 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009) and as the Builders Association of the Twin Cities 2008 Remodeler of the Year, we are extremely well-positioned to bring all remodeling visions and plans to life as we create lasting value in our clients’ homes.

Specialties: custom new homes; design/ build; remodeling; restoration & replacement

Recent Awards & Recognitions:
2009 COTY Universal Design Award
2009 COTY Whole House Renovations – Honorable Mention
2008 Twin Cities Remodeler of the Year

Photos courtesy of: College City Remodeling