How to clean oven glass

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cleaning oven glass

Have you noticed some streaks and stains on the inner glass of your oven that weren’t there before?

Before you jump to conclusion, the stains aren’t from a bad seal.

Several vents (see image) open directly into the inner door to vent the hot air away from the glass. And because of their proximity to the stove top and its mess, people often spray cleaner near the vents that sneaks inside the door and drips down, causing streaks and stains.

What to do? Don’t pull the door apart yourself. If it bothers you enough, pay a service company to clean it — otherwise you’ll void the warranty, she said. Unfortunately, this aesthetic nuisance falls outside of warranty coverage.

So, you can check out this HOW TOs on and find more on — at your own risk; we certainly don’t suggest it.

We also caution you against using duct tape to cover vents, because the hot air inside needs to go somewhere.

A better way to prevent stains between the glass is to not spray near the vents. Better yet, spray cleaners directly onto the rag, rather than the range.