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appliance resource center

Appliances can be complicated – and we’ve made it our business to simplify them for you. You’ll find answers to frequently asked appliance questions and helpful tips related to appliance cleaning, appliance maintenance & energy saving methods.


ice maker troubleshooting

refrigerator seal & routine maintenancel

loud refrigerator? we hear ya

what temperature should a refrigerator be set at?

how long does a refrigerator last?

how to: keep the refrigerator condenser clean

how to: change the refrigerator water filter

cooking: ranges, ovens & cooktops

what is convection cooking?

what’s better: gas or electric cooking?

should you put aluminum foil in the oven?

10 tips for making the most of your kitchen

gas stove troubleshooting: stove won’t light

how to: clean a stove top

how to: clean oven glass

how to: clean & season a griddle

how to: keep the oven clean

how to: clean cast iron grates


dishes not clean?

food residue left on dishes?

dishwasher leaving white film on glasses?

why it’s best not to pre-rinse your dishes

how to: clean a dishwasher


how to: test for microwave-safe cookware

how to: remove burnt popcorn smell from the microwave


what are CFMs and how do they impact the kitchen


why do front load washers take so long?

washer vibration shaking up the laundry room?

how to: clean a smelly washer

money-saving laundry tips

how long does a washer last?


dryer not drying? check the vent

money-saving laundry tips

vacuum cleaner

what is HEPA filtration and why does it matter?

is your bagless vacuum bad for your health?

water softener

what is hard water? and 12 other good water questions

cleaning tips

how to: clean stainless steel

how to: clean a stove top

how to: clean and season a griddle

how to: clean a smelly washer

how to: keep the oven clean

how to: clean oven glass

how to: clean cast iron grates

how to: clean a dishwasher

maintenance tips

beware of pet hair in the kitchen

sharpen garbage disposal blades

change a refrigerator water filter

refrigerator seal maintenance

energy-saving tips

keep your appliances running efficiently

4 ways to cook more efficiently

sneaky ways to lose money in the kitchen

appliance buying guides

how to: buy a refrigerator

how to: buy a range

how to: buy a cooktop

how to: buy a grill

how to: buy a dishwasher

how to: buy a microwave

how to: buy a washer

how to: buy a dryer

how to: buy an air conditioner

how to: buy a vacuum cleaner

how to: choose an appliance finish

appliance measuring/ planning guides

refrigerator planning guide

range planning guide

dishwasher planning guide

microwave planning guide

laundry planning guide

under counter appliance planning guide

wall oven planning guide

cooktop planning guide